We are the leading manufacturers of 80/s Yarn in Pakistan. We are committed to produce quality yarn as specified by our valued customers. As per SECP notification we placed our Quarterly Accounts on Web Site. Please give your suggestion.
Kohat Textile Mills Limited    


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Financials 1st Quarterly Report 2015-2016

Financials Annual Report 2015

Financials Third Quarterly Report 2014-2015

Financials Half Yearly Report 2014-2015

Financials 1st Quarterly Report 2014-2015

Financials Annual Report 2014

Financial Third Quarterly Report- 2013-2014

Financial Half Yearly Report- 2013-2014

Financial 1stt Quarterly Report 2013-2014

Financials Annual Report 2013

Financials Third Quarterly Report-2012-2013

Financials Half Yearly Report-2012-2013

Financials Year 1st Quarterly Reprott-2012-2013

Financials Annual Report-2012

Financials 3rd Quarterly Report 2011-2012

Financials Half  Yearly Report 2011-2012

Financials Year 1st Quarterly Report 2011-2012

Financials Annual Report 2011

Financials 3rd Quarterly Report 2010-2011


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